The Purpose of the Title, Records, and Land Acquisition Program is:
  1. To research and/or retrieve title and leasehold interest land records;
  2. To receive and maintain land records (manually, digitally and electronically);
  3. To assist in reviewing of appraisals, provide uncertified estimate opinion of value;
  4. Assist and participate in land exchange to consolidate Navajo land in accordance with and utilizing the Indian Land Consolidation Act and Navajo Land Consolidation Act;
  5. To scan and upload documents in the Navajo Land Title Data System; and
  6. Administer the Navajo Land Acquisition Program, on behalf of the Navajo Nation and authorized by the Resources and Development Committee, according to the established administrative requirements and procedures.


  1. Receive, protect, and maintain land documents and records on land owned, acquired, leased or controlled by the Navajo Nation.
  2. Review and conduct field investigations of surface damages or economic loss to determine repayment or compensation, based on fair market value.
  3. Conduct title search of properties at County Recorder/Assessor to verify legal ownership, chain of title, legal description or mineral rights on proposed land acquisitions or land disputes.
  4. Assist with the resettlement /relocation of families or disputes
  5. Budget and process property tax payments annually, which could include appealing or protesting property valuations.
  6. Provide land status verifications for lands on and within the Navajo reservation.

  1. Review and respond to land offers made to the Navajo Nation.
  2. Perform assessments and/or inspections on land offer to determine feasibility, potential use, operation and management.
  3. If feasible, perform land acquisition due diligences (procure/review appraisal reports, procure Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, inspections, negotiation, etc.)
  4. Prepare evaluation and/or summary report on proposed land acquisition for the administrative and legislative reviews. Make revisions and/or amendments to the review packet as necessary and resubmit. Take part in the Land Acquisition presentations and meetings.
  5. Oversee closing and post-closing of all approved real estate purchases.
  6. Budget and oversee the Land Acquisition Program, under the Land Acquisition Trust Fund.
  7. Assist Navajo Land Department with reviewing of subdivision lot conveyances, leasehold conveyance process, mortgages, etc.

NOTE: Written land offers can be made to the Navajo Nation as follow:
  • MAIL:
  • Navajo Land Acquisition Program
  • P.O. Box 2249, Window Rock, AZ 86515
  • FAX: 928-871-7039



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For more information please contact:
Land Agent
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Stuart Campbell
Office Specialist
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